Private Design Wear – Who We Are

Meet Jane and Gary Cahn! This couple has been in the neckwear and accessory business since 1986! Gary had the neckwear background and Jane was in textiles with her family. The garment center was their life. Together they formed a great accessory business selling every men’s better specialty store from sea to shining sea and then some! You name a store, the Cahn’s have shipped them ties and other accessories.

Fast forward to the mid 2000’s where the retail business changed drastically. Gary and Jane knew they had to reinvent themselves due to shrinking stores and online shopping. Their good friend in the umbrella business told them about the promotional product industry and slowly Jane and Gary focused their business into selling corporations though many different distributors across the United States and Canada.

Now the Cahn’s have taken their expertise of over 30 years and knowledge of quality to the promotional product industry!

Gary and Jane are dedicated to; producing great neckwear, great socks, great scarves, great pocket squares, great bow ties and great relationships with their customers.

What has remained constant for them are:

* Quality – the finest fabrics
* Skilled Craftsmanship
* Exquisite Designs and Colors
* Devoted Customer Service